Feb 2015: [Our PR Study] We carried out Survey on Mobile Phones in Cambodia.
 The following is the survey overview.
 ・Target: Mobile phone owners aged 16+ who live in target countries.
 ・Surveying Method:
  Recruited participants and collected responses through “Smaphone”, SurveyMY community on Facebook.
 ・Sample size: N=204
 ・Study Period: 10-23 January 2015

Summary of Result
■Samsung is the top, followed by Apple, Nokia, and LG.
Many men have Samsung, women Apple.

Q. What brand and model is it? If you have more than one mobile phone, please answer about the one you are using most.(OA→AC)

■Unlike the current possessions, Apple gains more votes than Samsung.
Sony, Huawei and Nokia follow with huge difference from the top two.

Q. What brand or model would you like to purchase next?
If you have more than one in your mind, please select up to three in the order of your preference. (3MA)

  For further information about the study, please see the following PDF report.
   Survey on Mobile Phones- Cambodia -

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