SurveyMy offers a packaged service of lifestyle studies to grasp actual conditions of consumer life through still / moving images respondents take with their Smartphone or tablets.

• Available Target Area
Samples are available globally - in more than 70 countries in Asia, Europe and America. Participants are invited online or offline depending on target countries and survey contents.

•Key Features of Lifestyle Study

-Reasonable Price
Starts from 2000.00 USD for a survey comprising 20 questions for 20 sample units in a country
* Price may vary, depending also on how to recruit samples.

1.5 weeks at fastest to data delivery

-The High Income Bracket Reachable
Targeting those who own Smartphone or tablets to participate in surveys through the installed App, you could reach the high income bracket in each country.

-Real-Time Still / Moving Images Obtainable
Able to collect data of still / moving images taken, as well as voice data recorded, at the point of experience.
* To a maximum of 10 still images and a moving image within 30 seconds are obtainable per respondent.
* Image data is saved and delivered in a separate file from answer data (raw data).

Charges Included in the Price
-Services: creating an online survey, providing samples, implementing a survey and rewarding respondents.
-Deliverables: raw data, a report form (MS Excel), an image file (JPEG)

* About questions
-The questions about gender, age and region are excluded from counting the number of questions.
-Questions about respondent attributes other than the above may be set to comprise the 20 questions of the package.

-The number of sample units required to collect may not be promised to achieve due to sampling conditions, etc.

We conduct PR studies with this packaged service.
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Surveymy has established a strong relationship with online media and online panel companies within APAC region and able to provide a wide coverage of online sample needs in APAC. Partnering with local Social Networks, online media and etc., Surveymy is capable to provide the online sample recruitment that dedicated for market research needs within APAC region.

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