Global Internet Research

• High-quality online surveys in any language
• Worldwide samples in more than 70 countries
• Our premium online surveys are programmed with the use of a global survey generating system provided by Confirmit. Confirmit is a leading market research solution provider, whose products are one of the most used by major market research companies in the world.
• SurveyMy provides web survey solutions by our highly skilled staff centered upon those who have more than 10 years of experience in multi-language programming with Confirmit.

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Mobile App Research (MobileMY)

• SurveyMy offers mobile survey services based upon the mobile App of SODA, the platform provided by Confirmit. Summaries are as follows:

Applicable to Smartphone and tablet devices
Supports major OSs of Smartphone and tablet devices, such as iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.
Answer Off-line
Install the App and download a mobile survey. The off-line mode is available to answer the questionnaire.
Face-to-face interviews in the street and mobile diaries are available with data collections more immediate and accurate than surveys by paper questionnaires.
Photographs and Movies
Able to collect data of still / moving images taken, as well as voice data recorded, at the point of experience.
Multi-language Mobile Surveys
16 languages are available for a survey's start menu. Any of the languages is also possible to show for a questionnaire on a mobile screen as long as the device support the language.

SurveyMy offers a packaged service of lifestyle studies to grasp actual conditions of consumer life, using this mobile survey system
We conduct our own studies with this packaged service. To see outcomes of the studies, please visit our NEWS.

Programming / Hosting CAPI Surveys
• The mobile survey system also helps CAPI and CLT under the off-line environment.
· Countries and populations difficult for web surveying become reachable.
• Swift data deliveries are achievable right after data collections without data entry work.

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Surveymy has established a strong relationship with online media and online panel companies within APAC region and able to provide a wide coverage of online sample needs in APAC. Partnering with local Social Networks, online media and etc., Surveymy is capable to provide the online sample recruitment that dedicated for market research needs within APAC region.

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